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Hi, I'm Timo, I compose and produce music for media & artists.

Composer | Producer | Musician

The Beginning

From an early age, Timo Jaeger learnt already how to express himself by playing instruments.
At the age of five he started taking drum lessons, inspired by his father – who is also a musician –  he got lessons for guitar and at the age of 9 also for piano.  He discovered improvisation and composition with great interest at an early age and so it happend quite fast that the piano became his main instrument.

Fascinated by the sounds of video games and movies, he interpreted his favourite themes with the piano in his own way and began to become familiar with different composition techniques.

From the world of video games he is inspired by Japanese composers (e.g. Nobuo Uematsu, Koji Kondo and Yoko Shimomura). When it comes to film music, his great idols are western musicians and composers (e.g. John Williams, Howard Shore and Hans Zimmer).


In 2011 and 2012 Timo Jaeger won the German Rock and Pop Prize as „Best Keyboarder“ and „Best Instrumentalist“ – a great accomplishment that encouraged him to devote himself to the music he loved and to start a professional career by studying pop music design at the well-known  Pop Akademie Baden-Württemberg Mannheim starting in 2013.

During his studies he worked with interesting and experienced musicians from all over the world and was taught by well-known musicians and professors of Germany. In the beginning, he focused mainly on piano and composition, until he discovered his new passion which allowed him more creative freedom to evolve: producing.


Professional Practice

2015 Timo Jaeger completed a three-month internship at Naidoo Herberger Production, which was intellectually as formative as his work with German music giants like Xavier Naidoo, Die Söhne Mannheims and Grosch’s Eleven. A time, where he also gained practical skills in the field of TV music (e.g. Sing mein Song).

He went on to another three-month internship at klangzeuger studio ma, under the management of Philippe van Eecke, which allowed him to gather more experience and know-how for  working in the studio.

Since then, his experience is growing along with his demand and understanding of high quality productions. He never stops setting ambitious standards to challenge himself and to widen his musical horizon. With sensitivity and openness, he develops musical worlds of different styles allowing the listener to enter new spheres.

Worked with
Artists & Bands
● Alice Merton (live-keybordist, 2016)
● Michèle („The Voice of Germany Kids“, music producer, 2013)
● Luca Sestak (recording- & mix-engineer, 2018)
● Patterns (producer, 2017)
● Starkenburg Philharmonics („Sound Of Hollywood“, pianist, 2019)
● German Pop Orchestra (music composer/producer/orchestrator, 2017)
● Alex T. White (producer, 2021)
● „Line Walker 2: Invisible Spy“, Aug 2019 (music composer) (Neomusicproduction, Shaw Brothers, Babieka, Hongkong, China, 2019)
● „Legally Declared Dead“, June 2020 (music composer) (Neomusicproduction, Emperor Motion Pictures, Hongkong, China, 2019)
● „The Revenant Prince“, Summer 2020 (music composer) (Nomina Games, LA, USA, 2017)
● Sing meinen Song – das Tauschkonzert“, 2015 (studio assistant) (Naidoo Herberger Produktion, Mannheim, Germany, 2015)
● Audio Attack Production Music/ Warner (Composer, 2020 – present)
Popakademie, Mannheim GER / Pop Music Design (B.A.)
● Producing (2016 – 2018)
Prof. Florian Sitzmann, Arno Müller, Chris Oz, Markus Born, Dennis Kopacz
● Keyboards (2013 – 2016)
Prof. Matthias Leber, Prof. Alexander Päffgen
● Secondary Instrument: Guitar (2013 – 2017), Prof. Gagey Mrozeck
Masterclasses / Workshops
Don Grusin, Bill Laurance (Snarky Puppy), George Whitty, Prof. Peter Moormann, Markus Ottenhau- sen, Robin Schmidt, Hannes Bieger, kleine audiowelt (DE), Darcy Proper, Ronald Prent (Wisseloord Studios, NL)
German Rock & Pop Price
● 1st Place „Best Keyboardist“, 30th German Rock & Pop Price 2012
● 1st Place „Best Keyboardist“, 29th German Rock & Pop Price 2011
● 1st Place „Best Instrumental Soloist“, 29th German Rock & Pop Price 2011
Further Skills
● Drums (started at the age of 6)
● Piano/Keyboard/Synthesizer (started at the age of 9)
● Guitar (started at the age of 7)
● Bass (started at the age of 12)
● LogicProX
● Cubase
● ProTools
● Sibelius
● English (fluent)
● German (native speaker)
● Japanese (upper basicknowledge) – Cantonese(basicknowledge)


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